• Kommandor 3000

The conversion of the flexible triple lay vessel "K 3000" is a good example of how NTD Offshore A/S can apply their flexibility and experience to an innovative project.

NTD Offshore A/S assisted in purchasing the vessel and developed the total ship design,the electrical and mechanical designs and an extensive equipment package including all diesel electrical propulsion systems and control-, alarm- and monitoring systems containing a highly sophisticated power management system. "K 3000" operates successfully in brazilian waters.


L.o.a. 118,37 m
L.pp. 100,91 m
Beam 21 m
Draft 4,9 m
Displacement 9.193 t
Power 8x1.150 kw
Thrusters aft. 2x1.350, 1x1.550 kw
Thrusters forw. 2x1.000, 1x850 kw
Speed 11 knots at 24 t/day
Dp Classification DP (AA) (Class 2)
Accommodation 73 persons
Helideck Super Puma