• Helix Producer I

The conversion of "Helix Producer I" from traditional ferry to advanced and complex floating production unit for the offshore industry is one of the most extensive and demanding projects, NTD Offshore A/S has taken part in.  

The project required a scope of services ranging from ship design, purchage of equipment, electrical design and supply of a total electrical and electronically package. This innovative vessel will be operated in the Gulf of Mexico as one of the first floating production vessels in the region.


L.o.a. 161,5 m
L.pp 154,7 m
Beam 29 m
Draft 8,6 m
Displacement 29.000 t
Power 6x2.250 kw
Thrusters aft. 3x2.000 kw
Thrusters forw. 2x1.500, 1x1.600, 1x2.000 kw
Speed 12,5 knots at 29 t/day
Dp Classification DP (AA) (Class 2)
Accommodation 90 persons
Helideck Super Puma