• Electrial System

NTD Offshore A/S develops and produces a varied range of advanced electrical systems and products for both new buildings, conversions, upgrading of existing systems and equipment packages.

NTD Offshore A/S has a profound experience in developing and providing both full diesel electrical plants, main switch boards and total vessel management systems for the maritime industry.

Vessel management system

NTD Offshore A/S has developed a unique vessel management system which can be customized to fulfil any requirement defined by the client.

The vessel management system is based on components off the shelf, such as standard PLC's, computers, screens and fibre optic communication.


Helix Producer I propulsion system

The FPO "Helix Producer I" needed an extensive conversion of the diesel electrical propulsion system in order to satisfy modern requirements.
NTD Offshore A/S designed and supplied the propulsion system of this top modern vessel.


Electrical Inverters

NTD manufactures and installs electric drive and control systems which significantly reduce fuel consumption and emissions by running electric motors only at the speed required.

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